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Happy Days

Being a dog trainer can be very rewarding.  Confusion and emotion can trip up even the most well- meaning dog owners, helping them to understand and co-exist with their pets is what I do and to see or hear of successful results really makes my day.  Today I received this email from a Vancouver client; I’m smiling ear to ear:

Hi Alix,

I stumbled upon an old email from you and felt compelled to write. I hope you are well and busy in Moncton. It has been three years since our training sessions and you would be proud to know that every single person who has the privilege of meeting and getting to know Elliot has marvelled at how well behaved, obedient, confident and happy he is. They often say, “you’re so lucky,” implying that he must have always been that way. When I read my first email to you, describing the frustration and helplessness we experienced with pulling, biting hands and leash aggression with a five month old going through a fear cycle, it almost felt like those memories were of a completely different dog. We always tell those people that we would not be where we are today if it were not for your guidance and training. Our relationship with Elliot is so solid and mutually trusting and respectful that he integrates into our lives seamlessly. I could almost cry thinking about the world of adventure you cracked opened for us; he is invited everywhere, even to human parties. People beg me to let them babysit him if we ever go out of town. He is nothing short of a total joy on outings, hikes, and road trips. His reputation precedes him such that total strangers will see us and say, “Is that Elliot?” Or “Hi Elliot!” At home he is quiet as a mouse. Four years of living in our complex and neighbours still can’t believe we live with a dog. Not even the pizza delivery guy elicits a bark.

You did that. You showed us the way to such an amazing family pet.   I feel so, so grateful to you and wish you nothing but the best life has to offer in Moncton. Any person lucky enough to be a client of yours hit the jackpot.

All the best,
Lynette, Tom and Elliot

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