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Happy Days

Being a dog trainer can be very rewarding.  Confusion and emotion can trip up even the most well- meaning dog owners, helping them to understand and co-exist with their pets is what I do and to see or hear of successful results really makes my day.  Today I received this email from a Vancouver client; I’m smiling ear to […]

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Who’s the Boss?

I first wrote this story when my dog Chico and my Dad were still alive.  They’ve passed now but I’ve decided for simplicity’s sake to not change the present tense narrative.   A question came up recently during my training sessions regarding dogs, rules and the confusion that arises in a household where people cannot […]

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High Maintenance

I’ve worked with some high maintenance dogs in my life.  For some owners, the dogs seem scary, troublesome and untrustworthy; quick to assert, furtive of action and not likely to stick around.  They can be pretty difficult. Of the difficult dogs I’ve worked with, they’ve come in all shapes and sizes, ranging in personality from […]

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Being Nice

I was at my mechanic’s the other day, perusing the books in the waiting room while my car was being worked on.  There were a number of children’s books, primarily the Golden Book series, including one entitled My Little Golden Book of Manners.  In it were written two sentences: “Good manners are not just things to learn” and […]

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Listen With Your Eyes

When I was a child I spent my days watching the animals around me: the farm animals, the family pets, the wild animals that skirted through our property. My sole purpose was to learn their ways, to understand them and in a way, learn how to be like them. I used to practice walking through […]

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As of Today

I started my first company, Auntie Al’s Dog Training Services, in 2004, relocated and opened Mutts About Moncton in 2013.  I have trained dogs of all description: tiny, titanic, foolish and ferocious.  I have been barked at, jumped on, knocked over, bitten and dragged.  I’ve also been proud as punch.  Nothing is more satisfying than […]

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Arrow Makes A Point

I once had a neighbor in Maine who owned a black lab, Arrow. Unlike most dogs in my town, Arrow was not content with hanging around the homestead, large and freewheeling tho it was. Where most dogs would either stay in their yard or be out in the fields working, Arrow was a wanderer. He […]

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Give ‘Em an Inch, They’ll Take the Fox Fur

After our Cocker Spaniel, Brandy, died, my parents bought my sister a Miniature Schnauzer, Pepper. Pepper was a very clever, loving girl who, in retrospect, suffered from a lack of proper training. For instance, she was a garbage hound, knocking over the neighbors trash cans, leaving a messy trail behind her. As we lived in […]

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Old dogs can learn new tricks. (Cats, too!)

Chico was seven when I adopted him.  He was highly motivated to chase and harass cats – cats, squirrels, dog breed types he had been taught to hate, etc – straining on his leash while vocalizing loudly.  Being off-leash was out of the question. A neighbor owned a beautiful cat who knew me well; I […]

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Once Upon a Time, In a Land Far, Far Away

When I was a young girl growing up in Maine, I rode my bicycle everywhere.  To go to my friend’s house required me to ride past a house where a beagle lived.  This beagle, like all other dogs living in a small town in the 60’s, had no fences, no leash, no owner on hand […]

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