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Comments from Moncton clients:

M.F.  “As first-time dog owners Alix helped us learn how to properly interact with our dog and read Whiskey’s body language.  She provided so much support and encouragement throughout the training process.  We cannot thank her enough for her help!”

C.G.  “We really enjoyed your classes and your patience.  Gusto will surely benefit from your training.  Thank you.  :)”

A. & R. A  “Alix is always very reliable and on time.  She has a great way with pets.  We learned so much throughout the training sessions that we can continue to build on.”

“Thank you so much, Alix – we are very grateful for everything you have taught us and for meeting you!  Hopefully we can continue in the future – thanks again for everything!”

N.B.  “Thank you, Alix, for all your work with myself and Chopper. It’s a pleasure to work with someone with such expertise.  Keep up the good work!”

M.R.  “Excellent trainer.  Learned lots of dog behavior triggers to correct, easy to deal with and super flexible in her schedule. Loved that she brought other dogs with Rosie to train at!!”

E.S.  “When getting a puppy we never realized the amount of work that would be required.  Snoop is such a great dog but loved to jump and take control.  Thankfully Alix has helped us on all accounts.  From walking Snoop to house rules we are so thankful to have had the opportunity to learn from the best.  Thank you, Alix!”

B.B.  “Totally recommend Alix for dog training.  Both myself and my dog learned so much and it is now much more enjoyable times with my Jazz.”

D.P. – “I am delighted with my newfound confidence and competence with Jake.  Thanks, Alix!”

S.D. – “Our Border Collie puppy was a high energy dominant dog that was becoming difficult to train. Alix helped us to understand a dog’s mentality and provided us the techniques to train our puppy.  Within a couple of sessions there was a huge difference in Nika’s behavior.  We now have the tools to properly train Nika and she is becoming a wonderful attentive dog.  I would recommend Alix to anyone.  She has certainly been a big help to us.”

M.B. – “Extremely worthwhile and helpful; providing a sound foundation in training my dog.”

C.W. – “I am so glad I found Alix to train my young very active puppy.  Her calm and loving energy and firm directions, along with essential follow-up plans have really benefitted my puppy and myself.  My puppy is overjoyed to see her and she is truly Moncton’s ‘dog whisperer’!  I would recommend her to others!”

A.W. – “I am so happy to have found Alix.  She is the best; her patience, compassion and love of animals is a constant.  I am learning through her how to better communicate with my “teenage” Golden Retriever, Jasmine.”

S.W. – “We’ve been very happy with Alix’s training methods and would recommend her to all new puppy owners.  We will keep practicing with Aika and won’t hesitate to book more sessions in order to learn more on how to train our pup.”

“We are now, thanks to Alix, much more confident with handling our happy pup and to teach her all the necessary good manners!  Thank you.”

S.G. – “We loved our training with you and feel much more confident training Izzy with the information you have given us.  Thank you!”

S.C. – “Having Jansi as my first dog proved to be a challenge that became harder to cope with.  From when he was a puppy he was babied and pampered and as he became older it was evident that he was becoming out of control.  He jumped on people, reacted badly to other dogs and walking him was the biggest challenge of all.”

“Since working with Alix I’ve seen immediate changes.  Alix is an awesome trainer who really cares about what she does and she has a very special way of communicating with dogs.  Alix, your help has allowed Jansi and I to have a better relationship and live better lives!  Thank you.”

D.R. – “You have made a huge difference in Miranda’s life and ours.  Thank you for being patient and kind with both us and Miranda.”

J.R. – “Not only is Alix patient and kind, she is an excellent trainer.  She helped Toby and I to understand why we needed to do things a certain way.  When Toby and I go for a walk now it is a total joy.  Thank you, Alix.”

A.W. & L.J – “We were beginning to lose hope with Sally, our pitbull mix, when it came to strangers and other dogs.  With the education, tools and guidance provided by Alix, we made leaps and bounds with our girl.  A lot of work and change is still to come but we thank Alix wholeheartedly for her expertise and would recommend her to anyone.”

M.B. – “I’m finally getting the tools to make Moxie a better dog!  Thank you!”

R.D. – “Thank you, Alix, for helping us understand how a dog thinks; Charlie is more relaxed, we learned the proper way to walk a dog and make Charlie behave.”

“We are glad you came to our house, it’s much easier to understand with private lessons.  You are so friendly and we couldn’t ask for a better trainer.  Thanks again!  You  are our dog whisperer.”

S.A. & K.M. – “Alix is very experienced, knowledgeable and calming when handling dogs.  She did a very good job teaching us the skills and techniques required to properly train our dog.  She was always very reassuring when we were handling Ledi.  She always gave lots of feedback.  I honestly do not know where we would be without her guidance and positive attitude.  She has taught us to have patience and to constantly be consistent.

You can tell how much Alix truly loves her job and she strives for success like you wouldn’t believe.  I would highly recommend Alix to anyone with a fur baby.  Our dog has truly changed in the short 6 weeks.  We have completed the 6-week program and we choose to continue for one reason: Alix knows exactly what she’s doing and we see that every day in our girl, Ledi.  Blessed to have her with us.  xo”

J.M. – “Working with Alix has really taught us how to handle our dog with patience and get her to listen so much better.”

A.C. & C.B. – “After just five sessions with Auntie Al we already see a HUGE difference with our lab/shepherd mix Bailey.  We never thought we’d be able to walk her around other dogs but on our last walk with Alix we met another dog on the trail and Bailey never pulled at all!  We’re so impressed with how Auntie Al is with our girl.  She’s even completely different at home.  We would highly recommend Alix to anyone, even if they think their “fur baby” might be a lost cause.”

L.M. – “I contacted Alix a few months after Panda had developed a dangerous behavior, a fearful aggression toward moving vehicles.  Alix taught me how to better control and handle this behavior when it occurs.  But most importantly, Alix taught me all about how calm energy helps alleviate these episodes in the first place.  Not only has she helped with Panda’s fear of cars, she also helped in empowering me to be a stronger pack leader which has helped immensely in all aspects of Panda’s behavior.  Alix was a real game-changer for us and my only regret was not contacting her sooner.  In six sessions I have learned more from her than any other training class or dog training book.  She provides real-life knowledge and experience, I would highly recommend her to others.  It has been an incredible learning experience for Panda and I and we are so thankful to Alix for everything she has done for us.”

J.G. – “We found out about Alix from a mutual friend and she has saved us so much time and frustration.  We had no idea what we were doing and her method is gentle and easy to follow.  We would be lost without her!”

S.K. – “I contacted Alix a few months after adopting Barkley from the SPCA.  Despite his sweet disposition, Barkley was a little rough around the edges.  In particular, his extremely strong cat prey drive and tendency to follow his nose rather than directions were making our life in an urban area rather anxiety inducing.  I had accepted some of his behaviors as being something that I would just have to live with and work around.  Alix has shown me that even dogs with difficult histories and issues can be trained.

The progress that we have made in such little time is a testament to Alix’s skills.  She has adapted our sessions to Barkley’s particular needs and mine, giving us concrete tools and strategies in order to better deal with his problem areas.  What I appreciate most about Alix is her communication with Barkley; she is calm, clear and gentle.  Barkley responds eagerly and instantaneously to her voice.  This, in turn, has taught me how to better communicate with him and get the outcomes I hope for.  As a result of our working with Alix, Barkley is of course better behaved but he is also happier and more secure.

I am thrilled to have found Alix and it is without hesitation and complete confidence that I would recommend her to others.”

V.B. – “Chill was totally out of control as far as biting, etc.  In three sessions I found an 80% change in my dog.  We can actually play with Chill without losing a finger.  We have so much fun with Chill at the present, thanks to Alix.  I would recommend Alix to anyone.”

B.B. – “Alix is very knowledgeable, patient, soft-spoken, kind, relaxed and helpful.  Both Chill and I have learned a lot in a short period of time.  Chill is learning he’s not the Alpha dog.”

K.W. – “Becoming a new owner to a soon-to-be big dog was overwhelming but the training from Alix gave me the patience and words to be used which helped me out so much.  I’m grateful to have had the training which will make my boy loved by everyone, my sessions were so worth it.”

A.P. – “I have been extremely impressed with Alix’s skills.  From the first training session I could not believe that our Maggy was responding so immediately.  Alix is positive and a resourceful person.  I’ve got a much better understanding on how communication works with my dog.  I would have absolutely no hesitation recommending Alix to anyone.”

L.L. – “Just a quick note to say a sincere thank you for all your help with Izzy.  Your love of animals and kindness sure does shine through. You are a gem.  We will continue working with miss Izzy to make her the best she can be. We have you to thank for that.”

C.L. – “When we started the training, I was 32 weeks pregnant.  Alix helped me stay calm and positive with my voice and body language while talking and training my 2 girls.  I want to thank Alix for everything she has shown me.  All the techniques work well; we just need to apply it every day.  She showed me & my wonderful girls how to work together by using positive techniques.  We can walk together now with less pressure on me.  Thank you so much.”

J. & R.W. – “My inlaws had people over for dinner last night. The dogs didn’t bark at all, although they knew someone new was upstairs.  I brought them up and put them on their bed where they were SO GOOD. My heart was just bursting with pride. They were just calm, well behaved doggies for the night. It was an amazing experience. The guests even said they were the best doggies they had ever seen!! I couldn’t believe how calm they were. It was a proud, proud evening for Ryan and me.  Thank you, Alix. This could not have happened without you. I couldn’t be more pleased.”

M. & B.M. – “Betty and I were very happy to have Alix train our dog, Molly.  It was very enjoyable and we learned a lot.  We would highly recommend Alix, she is very knowledgeable and experienced.”

M-C.M. – “I am incredibly thankful to have met Alix.  She has taught me how to be a better Alpha for Mable through helpful tools, skills and guidance.  As a result of continued training, we have a happy puppy who will no doubt grow up to be a very well-behaved companion for years to come!”

J.W. – “I am so grateful to have discovered Alix. In only six lessons, she has transformed how I interact with my three dogs. Instead of raising my voice when they misbehave, now I stay calm and focus on communicating what I want them to do.  This isn’t always easy, but Alix has shown me that it works. I trust her completely. The dogs are responding to her approach and they get better each day. Thank you Alix! For the first time in years, I can actually conceive of having calm and relaxed dogs!!!”

E.R. – “Just a couple months ago, my dog couldn’t be around other dogs. I couldn’t take her to any public places. Her aggressive behavior towards other dogs seemed like it was getting worse everyday.  I am so happy I chose Alix to help me with Zoe and I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a great dog trainer!”

L.C. – “My husband and I got our first puppy, Lexie , in the fall and found Alix shortly thereafter. I was nervous about being a first time dog owner and wanted to get everything right to make sure we had a great dog that everyone loves. Alix has certainly helped us get on the right track! She has such a loving, quiet manner with Lexie, and from day one we knew we had chosen the right trainer to help teach us and to help teach Lexie.”

“Through her modeling and direction we learned how to “be” with our puppy and to how to work with her to ensure she reaches her full potential as a wonderful, loving, family pet. Lexie loves spending time with her “Auntie Al” and we know that she will be well taken care of when she goes for her overnight sleepovers when we are out of town. We highly recommend Alix and feel blessed to have found her.”

S.B. – “Alix is the perfect person to train your dog.  She was so kind with my dog Popcorn.  He loved her.  Within 10 seconds Popcorn learned how to sit.  My 4 pound dog was the boss at home but in just 2 sessions with Alix I learned different tricks on how to stop him from barking when somebody arrives at the door.  I would recommend her to everybody.”

E.R. – “Zoe is already so much calmer.  I used to have to entertain her ALL the time or she would start to run around the house barking.  Now whenever I do something, she just lays down in her bed!  The walks are so much better, almost no pulling!!!  Seriously, I can’t believe how much she changed in only four sessions!  Thank you so much and see you in January.”

L.K. – “Alix is great!  We saw immediate results with our dogs.  The instructions are easy to follow and given with clear direction.  The background dog behavior information provides excellent explanation for our pups habits, responses and quirks.  Thank you Alix!”

R.M. – “My 3-year old German Shepherd mix started developing issues after several unforeseen incidences.  I’ve hired two other trainers and even resorted to using a shock collar which did nothing to correct his behavior.”

“I was at my wit’s end with his dominant/aggressive behavior.  I hired Alix because I believed in her training methods.  She uses calm and positive energy, body language and commands.  Jesse started turning some corners and this gave me hope.”

“We continue to work with Alix as she guides us through his milestones.  I don’t know what I would have done if I didn’t find Alix and I am truly grateful for her knowledge and patience.”

P.H. & A.P. – “Thank you for the great service & quality of the training.  We are not disappointed!  Watson loves you.”

T.A. – “Alix was great and Mags always got excited when she knew we were going to see her.”

G.,G. & S. – “Being first-time dog owners, Alix was exactly what we needed to help us understand our little Charlie’s behavior.  She is an incredible trainer, teaching the owners as well as the dog.  She is calm and patient and answered every single one of our questions (and there were many). After six weeks with Alix we have seen remarkable changes in our day-to-day life with Charlie.  He is better behaved, listens to commands and his barking has decreased significantly.  We strongly recommend anyone with a dog to enroll in “Mutts About Moncton”.  Thank you so much, Alix, it’s hard to express in a few words how grateful we are for all that you have done for us.”

C.& R. T. – “You have done amazing things with our dogs. We are practicing daily with positive results, we cannot thank you enough. It would have been beneficial if we had your expertise when we were starting out. Oh well, better late than never. Who says you can’t teach an old dog owner new tricks?”

Comments from my Vancouver years:

 P. D. – “The best walks we’ve ever been on!”

C. C. – “Molly loved you!  And lessons very helpful, I was amazed at how well she behaved.”

S. M. – “Alix is a kind, consistent and confident trainer.  The group walks have opened up a great new world.  Lucky loves being part of Auntie Al’s pack.”

S. G. – “I see so much positive not for just them for us too…as a whole family…I am so glad I stumbled on your website…”

S.E. – “We just started lessons and can already see some results.  It was just a matter of Alix showing us what to do and pinpointing problem areas.  Turns out we had a little Alpha issue going on!  I am starting to enjoy walking with Bailey now that the pulling is starting to get under control.  Thanks Alix, you know your stuff.  I like the way the lessons go: relaxed, positive, full of humor and with lots of information.”

D.M. – “Alix has all the qualities I look for in a trainer: she has a genuine love for dogs, is very knowledgeable and works in a holistic manner.  Both my dog and I enjoy the walks and what we learn along the way.  Also, it is very affordable.”

S.W. – “Well, what can we say.  Auntie Al is awesome!  She has given us a helping hand, useful tips, training and guidance to give us the confidence to provide our puppy with the best possible tools and obedience training for a lifetime of happiness together.  We are so proud of the progress we have made as pet owners and especially of our puppy as he has easily adapted to the new skills and training.  We would definitely recommend Al to anyone with 100% confidence.  Thank you and much gratitude.”

J.L. – “Alix is an excellent dog trainer.  She gave me the confidence I needed and showed me how to be a well-balanced dog owner.  Mocha and I have learned so much and will forever appreciate her help.”

S.M. – “Thanks for helping Tiger and our family.  It was great that you could include the children in teaching Tiger his manners.”

A.B. – “Auntie Al’s is a great resource in guiding Hercules to be the most obedient, lovable dog!!”

C.A. – “Katie has become a calmer and more obedient dog under Alix’s expert guidance.  Her gentle manner was the right approach for Katie.  Thank you!”

K.&G.F. – “Our initial worries were soon laid to rest when we realized that Auntie Al’s Dog Training would not create a robot-type sort of dog.  Instead we are on a daily journey with Alix’s superb guidance in becoming our dog’s Best Friend.  Alix, thank you ever so much.”

N.M. – “You have been a blessing to me and George, we have come a long way.”

H.A. – “Prior to training with Alix, Jamie was a very ‘hyper’ energetic and sometimes aggressive dog.  She helped us to understand the psychology behind this behavior.  She patiently worked on these traits to bring out previously unseen, more likeable elements of his personality.  We would recommend Alix to other people with problem dogs.”

C.L. – “Alix has given me the tools to deal with Teya who’s very reactive.  Well, ‘explosive’ is a more accurate description.  For the first time ever I am encouraged – I see hope.  It got to the point where I didn’t want to walk Teya.  I would get so upset every time she’d lunge and snarl at other dogs.  I realize we have a long way to go but with every session I see improvement.  Alix is never condescending, never critical or judgmental.  She explains doggy communication in no-nonsense, easy-to-understand practical terms.  She is a wealth of information and I am inspired by her calm, gentle demeanor.”

J.W. – Alix has a firm but gentle hand, one that our dog responds to instinctively.  We could do no better than to try to emulate this.”

M.A. – “Thank you Alix for all of your help and advice with Miley.  It’s just so amazing to see a once very timid scared little guy come around and be content, happy and outgoing with both people and other dogs!  Thanks Alix!”


Thank You

I was going through my files the other day, looking for a past client’s phone number.  As I riffled through the pages I came to realize what a busy career I’ve had as a trainer; how many lives I’ve been able to share and help.  I felt humbled and fortunate.  I would like to take this time to thank all the dogs who’ve worked with me (I hope you continue to work on your manners!).

In no particular order (and some – same name, different dog):

Brandi  Mikey  Roxy  Judy  Echo  Gizmo  Cookie  Maggie  Pepsi  Maggie  Tubby  Titi  Kinder  Chester  Moushimoushi  Umka  Chopper  Hoshi  Lucy  Charlie  Wisdom  Shadow  Spaz  Salsa  Charlie  Roxy  Kisa  Patches  Baby  Lexus  Lenny  Abigail  Bauer  Lucky  Beaker  Jayla  Shadow  Hugo  Maggie  Rufus  Daisy  Sugar  Snowy  Pico  Rocky  Soonja  Browny  Maui  Holly  Ginger  Louis  Buddy  Cosmo  Pongo  Laika  Coco  Tequilla  Mickey  Tanya  Puma  Karma  Paddy  Milky  Buddy  Happy  Hennessy  Tipsy  Denzel  Koda  Akishi  Jack  Abby  Gus  Maxine  Snoopy  Muffin  Winston  Vito  Yorkie  Layla  Waffles  Lucky  Jigga  Jack  Sparky  Paco  Toby  Tobias  Nala  Zack  Quill  Kinko  Koby  Rex  Drago  Indy  Zoe  Niko  Tofu  Butler  Gucci  Bailey  Zoe  Tinkerbell  Coco  Bella  Rocky  Bruno  Guai Guai  Bobby  Kaz  Mojo  Cookie  Paticoon  Coco  Jerry  Rover  Presley  Madison  Bijou  Brandy  Kallie  Yoshi  Bruno  Kujo  Madison  Clyde  Lexy  Melody  Chewy  Seiko  Cody  Coco  Bruiser  Charlie  Kisa  Goldie  Piper  Rolley  Tashi  Dallas  Cookie  Micky  Carrey  Denny  Shadow  U-Boo  Akisha  Romeo  Katie  Nikki  Maggie  Milo  Bailey  Pasha  Sushi  Nitro  Blackie  Bon  Harley  Pico  Terra  Kiko  Bunny  Hercules  Kiwi  Chica  Leo  Deuce  Tucker  Katie  Bullet  Bear  Kala  Oscar  Austin  Crispy  Chloe  Lola  Pup  Chelsea  Coco  Baci  Fichai  Maya  Lola  Julius  Dodo  Cocoa  Minnie  Lyme  Sunny  Lucky  Billy  KK  Bingo  Napolean  Farley  Tiger  Ysabella  Zoey  Wiggum  Tito  Simba   Coffee  Nicole  Rocky  Christmas  Troy  Hannah  Charlie  Ruby  Babe  Oliver  Fred  Radar  Fefe  BowBow  DouDou  Bosco  Bella  Spyder  Milo  Sophie  Poochi  Rosie  Mango  Tzolum  Rocky  Toto  Sparky  Rocky  Munchie  Finnegan  Diesel  Heidi  Ta  ManJum  Taz  Koge  Coco  Bailey  Roman  Coco  Coco  Java  Banjo  Lex  Apple  Bear  Buzo  Jimmy  Bailey  L.B.  Tui  Bella  MacKenzie  Kahlu  Hugo  Beanie  Brigit  Kaka  Morgana  Aero  Jodie  Chaos  Lazy  Timmy  Eddy  Buster  Puggy  Uber Dog  Miko  Tiger  Pickles  Bullet  Beau  Turbo  Indiana  Max  Casper  Tiger  Kai  Kang Kang  Bella  Ellie  Vive  Carly  Azuki  Maxwell  Toffee  Ky  Butch  Keenan  Charlie  Keno  Maddy  Popcorn  Lucky  Joseph  Angel  Payson  Kaylee  Cocoa  Diezel  Sydney  Christi  Bella  Cree  Gracey  Max  Cookie  Tito  Dakota  Watson  Max  Anika  Mocha  Louis  Laker  Jade  Kalla  Snuggle  Secca  Shreddy  Shilo  Lily  Crush  Max  Maxine  Maddy  Kenzy  Moka  Belita  Toby  Ricky  Raya  Candy  Pongo  Brandi  Hoshi  Kong  Norman  Trixie  Jigz  Bodie  Mocha  Ziggi  MJ  Momo  Tobay  Skippy  Oreo  Ruby  ChaCha  Scott  Mocha  Howie  Blue-y  Kaleigh  Jazz  Cloe  Coca  Lady  Chaila  Rocky  Jason  Toffee  Barretta  Romeo  Mocha  Katie  Toby  Lolli  Rico  Mumby  Richie  Rocky  Sneakers  Bruno  Onion  Vida  Lulu  Jasper  Chloe  Potato  Cowan  Judy  Cody  Elsa  Sasha  Louie  Poncho  Titan  Lola  Jack  Sadie  Oscar  Buddy  George  Elliot  Oscar  Maxx  Arya  Sydney  Rugby  Cowan  Bailey  Molly  Oshi  Mocha  Monty  Tiger  Seamus  Brigit  Kona  Meela  Dexter  Alistair  Jamie  Sidney  Lizzie  Teya  Lucy  Miley  Cyrus  Izzy  Hannah  Lilu  Zulu  Penny  Blackie  Sammy  Kiki  Jazz  Coby  Zeppelin  Babe  Stella  Smiley  Morse  Sneakers  Riley  Dodi  Cooper  Ruby  Leroy  Tiger  Koho  Maya  Storm  Bear  Leopold  Sam  Mona  Mildred  Mac  Luna  Dot  Amy  Dixie  Sampson  Delilah  Charlie  Piper

And of course, Chico.